“Water is the driving force of all nature” – Leonardo Da Vinci

About Secure Aqua

Also known as Secure Waters, our mission is to educate the end consumer about the many possibilities of clean water.

We provide bias-free reviews for a wide variety of water filtration systems that can considerably improve people’s health conditions. Our team consists of professionals in the fields of water services, utilities, sewage treatment, sanitation and plumbing.

The mission of Secure Aqua is to spread awareness about the many possibilities to improve water. Not just drinking water, but also the water we use in our homes and offices on daily basis.

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Does a Water Softener Remove Chlorine?

Water softeners and water filters – only one will remove chlorine from your water. Find out what your water softener is really doing to your water, and how to pick a water filter that safely removes all chlorine from your water below. Water Softeners Don’t Remove...

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Zero Water Pitcher Reviews & Info

ZeroWater has made a name for themselves in recent years for their wide range of inexpensive, consumer-friendly water filtration units. A long-running rivalry with the popular BRITA brand filters continues to this day.  ZeroWater’s main claim is that they filter out...

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Can Water Be Too Soft

To quickly answer the question, no, soft water cannot be too soft. If by too soft you mean, whether or not the water can be softened to a “degree” that will hurt your skin or well-being in any way, then the answer is still no. Water softeners are great,...

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Zero Water VS Brita VS PUR

ZeroWater, Brita and PUR have proven their ability to filter tap water and make it safe to drink. But, each brand uses their own technology to filter out harmful bacteria and chemicals found in water. So, how do you know which water filter pitcher is better than the...

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