“Water is the driving force of all nature” – Leonardo Da Vinci

About Secure Aqua

Also known as Secure Waters, our mission is to educate the end consumer about the many possibilities of clean water.

We provide bias-free reviews for a wide variety of water filtration systems that can considerably improve people’s health conditions. Our team consists of professionals in the fields of water services, utilities, sewage treatment, sanitation and plumbing.

The mission of Secure Aqua is to spread awareness about the many possibilities to improve water. Not just drinking water, but also the water we use in our homes and offices on daily basis.

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Can Water Be Too Soft

To quickly answer the question, no, soft water cannot be too soft. If by too soft you mean, whether or not the water can be softened to a “degree” that will hurt your skin or well-being in any way, then the answer is still no. Water softeners are great,...

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Aquios FS-220 Water Softener

Aquios FS-220 Overview The FS-220 is a salt-free water softener It’s a compact single unit you install on your water line It both conditions and filters water One unit works for large households with multiple...

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Fleck Iron Pro 2 Review

Fleck Iron Pro 2 Overview This is a salt based water softener Ideal for 1” or 1.5” plumbing pipes Bypass valve and a double backwash feature Connect clips for effortless maintenance handles high flow without...

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Water Boss Water Softener

Water Boss Overview Uses the ion exchange method Can work for a maximum of 70 gpg rated hard water Regeneration is needed after 22 000 grains of hardness are trapped It’s a single canister design An electronic...

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Water Softener Problems

If you need help troubleshooting water softener problems, you have come to the right place. Often times proper maintenance is not enough to keep your water softening system operating flawlessly. Fortunately, most issues that arise tend to be easy fixes...

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